Community Services

Lifestyle Options Program

The Community Arts Precinct (CAP) continues to be a place of laughter, learning and friendships and provides a base for participants with a disability to maintain and enhance their independence through informal and responsive supports.

  • The precinct aims to assist participants to
  • promote independence and participation within the community
  • facilitate positive outcomes and opportunities
  • develop independent skills to manage such tasks as cooking, budgeting, cleaning and travel training
  • participation and social activities
  • health and well being
  • facilitate access to training and other educational opportunities.

All participants are supported by qualified educators who endeavour to empower clients with control and choice in all aspects of their life.

Community Living

Connect2Community provides a range of flexible, supported living options that assist people with a mental illness or a disability to develop and maintain living skills.

We provide an environment where all people are treated with dignity, respect and fairness. We recognise that each person is unique in their support, development and living needs.

We offer a range of services from high support 24/7 to drop-in support for people living in the community.


Independent Living / Supported Living

People live in a range of accommodation options and styles of their choice. These can include private rental, family homes, departmental housing and facilities managed by Connect2Community.

People are assisted depending on their skills and needs.

Connect2Community deliver individual tailored support on a drop in basis.

Good News Stories


Kevin is a young man who is full of energy and lots of fun. He enjoys being out in the community and going for long drives. When Kevin is at home he will ride his tricycle around the yard and go out for rides with staff.

As Kevin has grown and his needs have changed he has needed a new tricycle to be made and modified to suit his needs. We have been able to do this with the help and support of an Occupational Therapy team who spent time with Kevin and the staff and then designed a bike suitable for Kevin. Kevin now has a new tricycle that he enjoys to ride out in the community. We are now even able to support Kevin out riding his bike at new places with the new addition of a van to safely transport Kevin and his bike. Kevin has been riding his bike at Forest Lake around the lake and even going as far as Wellington Point riding right by the water. The new bike and having use of the van has had such a positive impact on Kevin’s life.

Good News Stories


During a recent Clients Person Centred Plan meeting, it was identified that he wanted to learn how to throw a Gridiron ball correctly. This young mans ultimate dream is to play Gridiron. His caps all have Gridiron team logos, he stays up late to watch the American Football and carries his ball with him everywhere. Jarryd Hayne is the talk at the moment!

Kylie Hogan - Employment Engagement Consultant, did some amazing ground work and made contact with a representative of Gridiron who then said for us (Lifestyle Options) to contact them to look into helping this young man. Several phone calls later and confirmation, the Bayside Ravens said they were very willing to assist in showing this young man the ropes.

On arrival the Manager and Coach met us on the grounds at Bulimba Junior Sports Club. He welcomed Jack and the support worker and then proceeded to hand Jack a Bayside Ravens team shirt and football. Jack had the biggest smile and was so excited! He introduced Jack to the Captain of the Senior Bayside Ravens team. The Captain and Jack went on to the field and started to throw the ball to each other all the while the Captain was giving Jack advice and demonstrating correct technique. The Captain spent over an hour and a half with Jack.

I am sure Jack had a very sore arm from all the throwing and catching but it’s a small price to pay when living out a dream.




Where To Find Us


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